At VictimsVoice, everything we do is empowering people to have happier, healthier lives beyond all forms of abuse.

Sheri Kurdakul , Founder and CEO (SuperSHEro)


Sheri Kurdakul is the VictimsVoice front lady, whose superpowers include taking unpopular complex problems and creating easy to use solutions that generate measurable results. She’s a survivor of over 29 years of child abuse and domestic violence and has endured the criminal and family court system experiences.

Sheri has spoken for many professional organizations and has published several industry papers, magazine articles, and continuing education courses. Working in the tech industry, she was responsible for coordinating the first international keynote webcast between CeBIT (Germany) and CES (US) and has hosted and presented for countless webinars and live conferences.

Throughout, attention to giving back has remained a high priority, acting as Marketing and Technical Director for NJ Farm to School Network, Event Organizer for Fernbrook Farms annual Farm Run, and gardener – growing and donating raised beds of vegetables at her home for her local soup kitchen.

Her focus now is on making a measurable difference in the lives of all victims and survivors so their abusers can be held accountable and they can begin to reclaim and rebuild their lives in safety and on their terms.