Domestic Violence Shelter Movers

Shelter Movers is a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization providing moving and storage services at no cost to women and children fleeing abuse.

Marc Hull – Jacquin , MA


Marc is a passionate social justice leader who founded Shelter Movers while on paternity leave in 2016. In studying gender-based violence in Canada, Marc was struck by how difficult and dangerous it can be for survivors attempting to leave their abuser. With guidance from local shelters and community agencies, Marc developed an innovative, free survivor-focused moving service to fill a critical gap in the social safety net. Shelter Movers’ volunteer-powered service is the only one of this kind in Canada, moving over 1,600 women and children in crisis annually across Canada.

Prior to Shelter Movers, Marc spent 15 years in policy research, program development and evaluation, and government relations. Marc has applied his talents and

passion in political office, public service and private corporations, at Enbridge, Accreditation Canada, the Senate of Canada, the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario and the Health Profession Regulatory Advisory Council (ON).

Marc holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Political Science & Sociology) and Masters of Arts (Anthropology), focusing on Austranesian indigenous societies and cultural hegemony.

Marc lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife, Meghan, and their three lively children.